Green Building

Green Building, or Sustainable Development, is a method and philosophy of construction, maintenance, and renovation that strives to reduce negative human impact on the natural environment, to promote the health and well-being of building occupants, as well as support local economies. The planning and implementation of a Green Building takes into account the entire lifecycle of the building and its materials while facilitating good health for its inhabitants and visitors.

Sourcing of materials is an important component in building green. The distance a material has been shipped, composition of the material, and the manner in which it was created all come into consideration. Shipping materials long distances burns more fuel, making a larger carbon footprint, while materials found closer to home require less fuel for transport. Ideal materials for green building are non-toxic, renewable, recycled/recyclable, reused/reusable, and local. Reclaimed lumber can be all of these things.

Green Building and Sustainability are as much about helping communities and human beings as they are about protecting the environment. Using reclaimed wood not only helps preserve our forests by utilizing timber harvested decades ago, but also builds on the labors of our past. Using reclaimed lumber honors the labor of workers from days gone by – loggers, mill workers, truck drivers, architects, designers, builders and more by reusing a product that has 'embodied energy' both naturally and in the labor used to harvest and process it years ago.

Our reclaimed wood will fill your residential or commercial project with historical significance while providing a warmth, strength, and stability only available with the timeless beauty of our reclaimed old growth wood.

With many decades of experience in reclaimed lumber procurement, recycling, and remilling, the craftspeople at PNT know how to process and supply well manufactured FSC® Recycled wood and wood products. From raw timbers to flooring to architectural features and furnishings, we can provide your building project with a quality only available with our reclaimed woods.

The reclaimed wood can come into our yard looking very gnarly with big spikes and nails, and it goes out as some of the finest wood flooring and paneling or entryways, staircases, and beautiful custom furnishing built by some of the best craftspeople in the Pacific Northwest. Port Townsend is home to many fine craftspeople, who work at or with PNT in producing unique, warm to the touch, historically significant features for your Green Building project.

Contact us today so we can work with you and your builders, architects, and interior designers to get the most out of our great old wood.

Every time you walk through that doorway or run your hand along that old wood railing or soft patina countertop you'll be glad you did.

Pacific Northwest Timbers sees sustainability as a way of life, and our role in this new paradigm is to be able to provide your project with an alternative to conventionally harvested lumber. Our sister company, Crossroads Recycled Lumber, has been providing reclaimed lumber and timbers to residential and commercial projects since 1981. We are proud to have been one of the forerunners in the green building movement. Preserving forests, reducing transportation emissions, and providing high quality lumber to our clients are all goals of ours.

Whether or not you use reclaimed lumber in your project, you may find other green building products that will work for you. Government and the private sector are developing methods and incorporating sustainable designs at an exponential rate.  The research and development regarding Green Building, as well as sustainable design projects that have been studied, are proving beyond any doubt that this is the practical way of the future. It’s time to get on board with green building or get left behind!

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