FSC® Certified Wood

Pacific Northwest Timbers is FSC® Certified

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international third party organization that oversees and certifies the harvest and processing of wood and wood products that may then be label FSC® certified wood. They are the best tool we have to ensure that the wood we use is harvested legally and responsibly.

Originally, FSC® dealt solely with fresh harvest wood, labeling wood products either as FSC 100% or FSC MIX referring to the origin of the wood in a shipment or product that is FSC® certified.

The glaring omission of recycled wood soon became obvious. What more environmentally responsible path could there be than rescuing the one of a kind and non-renewable old growth wood out of a building tear down and re-manufacturing it to be part of the new structure?

Using reclaimed wood is the best material choice possible for numerous applications in many environmentally sensitive Green Building projects. FSC® recognized that and created the FSC® Recycled 100% designation which the USGBC now rates as double the LEED point value of any other wood.

Pacific Northwest Timbers is one of the very few FSC® Recycled 100% wood processors in the country. Our people were pioneers in the reclaimed lumber world and have been rescuing and recycling wood since the early ’80’s. We know how to best utilize each reclaimed timber while consulting with our clients about their preferences in choices of this valuable recycled material.  “Harvesting” and processing reclaimed lumber requires skill, experience, and resources, which PNT has in abundance.

When you replace a metal railing or an entire staircase or entryway with a warm to the touch and beautifully crafted redwood masterpiece full of history, the project becomes conceptually and environmentally transformed.

There is a hearth like comfort to the feel of old wood. Knowing that the wood surrounding you was rescued from a 100 year old barn or warehouse adds an historical connection that can’t be matched by any other material.

Let us help you add that element to your projects.

Our decades of experience in the reclaimed lumber business and our affiliation with some of the finest woodworkers in the country enables us to provide a project with everything from raw timbers to fine furnishings, all under the FSC® Recycled 100% banner and all double the LEED point value of any other wood product.

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You can learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council at www.fsc.org.

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