We are proud to have as friends and clients two world-class treehouse builders:  Jake Jacob of TreehouseARTZ, and Pete Nelson of Nelson Treehouse and Supply. In 1997, the two founded Treehouse Workshop, a company which gave many people across the country and some around the world an opportunity to learn quality treehousebuilding skills in fun and inspiring venues.  Jake and Pete partnered as Treehouse Workshop for 13 years and in 2010 reorganized, each founding their own treehousebuilding company.


Jake and Pete are good friends to this day and have each tremendously developed and improved their crafts as evidenced by their wonderful work and enthusiasm.  As you can imagine, it’s not easy to make a living building treehouses; their individual success comes from being passionate about and dedicated to their work.  Many clients have been thrilled with absolutely fantastic homes, forts, and studios in the trees.  Crossroads Recycled Lumber and sister company Pacific Northwest Timbers are proud to be suppliers for both of these great guys and their companies, putting reclaimed wood back in the trees!


Treehouse ARTZ

is owned and operated by our own Jake Jacob from Port Townsend.  “ARTZ” is an acronym for Arborwork, Rigging, Timber, and Ziplines.

On days when Jake is not up in the trees, he usually can be found at Pacific Northwest Timbers, managing operations, taking calls and providing bids.  Jake has many years of experience with tree climbing and arbor work, structural rigging, timber framing, reclaimed lumber, other hearty types of work, and last but not least plays on words!  He is truly an asset to our company and when he is away, we miss his presence.

Jake is one of the leads for the DIY network series, “Treehouse Guys”.  Contact him at Treehouse


Nelson Treehouse and Supply

Pete Nelson has written six books featuring treehouse pictures from all over the world, as well as techniques for designing and building safely and sustainably in the trees. His construction company, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, is widely acclaimed for their unique, luxury builds that are featured on the hit Animal Planet television series, Treehouse Masters, which chronicles Pete Nelson and his team of carpenters that travel the country building treehouses.

Pete’s continued respect for the trees and enthusiasm for the wood that comes from them is an inspiration, and we are pleased that he often uses reclaimed wood in his projects. For more about Pete and his family-owned company, check out Nelson Treehouse & Supply.

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