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Pacific Northwest Timbers has a beautiful inventory of Large-Dimension Ocean Salvage Douglas Fir Timbers.  Click on the images below for information & more photos.

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Reclaimed Timbers are available in the following finishes:

Reclaimed timber comes in a variety of conditions. A lot of time is invested pulling nails, unfastening bolts, removing brackets, trimming out breaks and sorting wood for grade. Pieces are individually selected for each order.


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  • Old Patina

    Inventory Stock:

    Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 1Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 2Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 3Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 4Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 5Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 6Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 7Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Image 8

    Just as it came out of the structure with its natural patina which usually varies in shades of browns or grays.
    Examples of Old Patina in use:Old Patina Reclaimed Timbers Post & Beam Trellis

    Old Patina Reclaimed used in Timber Frame Construction

    Old Patina Reclaimed Timber Ceiling


  • Wire Brushed

    Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 1Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 2Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 3Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 4Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 5Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 6Recycled Timber Wire Brushed Image 7Reclaimed Timber Wire Brushed Image 8

    Wire Brushing burnishes and raises wood grain while highlighting the patina. We can use this method on genuine old barn siding, however old barn wood is often inconsistent in dimension, look and quality. For those that prefer a more consistent material we recreate the look of barn siding with remanufactured old patina boards giving a consistency of dimension, natural color and texture for a clean yet rustic barn board look.

  • Sanded

    Inventory Stock:

    Sanded Cedar Reclaimed Wood Siding

    We can brighten the finish on an “old patina” piece in varying degrees leaving as much or little of the old look as you wish – sometimes we sand down to fresh wood. We can also sculpt the timbers making an undulating surface and easing edges for a soft look.


    Example of Sanded Timbers in use: Sanded, Stained & OiledSanded Reclaimed Timbers Installed, Sanded, Stained & Oiled


  • Resawn

    Inventory Stock:

    Doug Fir Beam Before ResawingResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed Squared BeamResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed Squared BeamResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed BeamsResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed BeamsResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed BeamsResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed BeamResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed BeamResawn Redwood Reclaimed LumberResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed LumberResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed LumberResawn Doug Fir Reclaimed Lumber

    Our re-sawn timbers have a smooth band sawn finish. Each piece is checked to see that it is suitable for sawing. Before re-sawing anything it is first scanned with a handheld metal detector and absolutely all metal is extracted. (See Behind the Scenes.) The outside “jacket” of the old beam is sawn off and fresh wood faces are exposed. Care is taken that the final product comes off the mill straight and square.


    Examples of Resawn Reclaimed Timbers in Use: Trusses Resawn & StainedReclaimed Timber in use Resawn & Stained


  • Surfaced 4 Sides

    Before Surfacing Four SidesDoug Fir Surfaced on Four Sides Surfacing All Four Sides in Planer

    S4S means Surfaced Four Sides, that the piece has been planed to a smooth glassy finish on each of four sides. The left image is before surfacing.


    Examples of S4S Reclaimed Timbers in Use: Trusses Surfaced Four Sides & Finished

    Resawn Timbers in Ceiling Trusses


  • Sandblasted

    Sandlasted Raised Grain Doug Fir Beam

    Sandblasting raises wood grain for a rich, earthy look.


    Example of Sandblasted Reclaimed Timbers in Use: Sandblasted & Finished

    SF Giants Building Reclaimed Sandblasted Timbers


    SF Giants Building Sandblasted Reclaimed Timbers in Use



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