What is the US Green Building Council?

What is the US Green Building Council? The US Green Building Council is the national branch of the international organization that sets green building industry standards and provides project and professional certification.

The rating system is based on Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) and is used to certify Green Building projects on a sliding scale while also providing education and certification for Green Building industry professionals. It’s complicated and can be controversial.

Although we’ve been involved in environmentally sensitive building practices for decades, the USGBC’s LEED rating system has now become an industry standard and very much a work in progress as we come to better understand the requirements of good environmental stewardship.

The folks at USGBC know that environmental and energy goals are moving targets, so they are flexible and receptive to change as our knowledge grows.

One goal they can easily agree on though is the rescue and reuse of old growth wood.

It’s obvious that the wood from our old growth forests should be used again and again rather than be ground up in a landfill. Wherever appropriate, reclaimed wood should be the first material of choice in any building project. From a building’s backbone to the trellises, entryways, public areas, interiors and furnishings; our FSC® Recycled wood and reclaimed wood products can be the first best choice and the USGBC has agreed by awarding double the LEED points for it’s use.

FSC® Recycled 100% is the best first choice.

Whatever size project you have from a home addition to the build out of a whole downtown, we can help make that project green while providing that hearth like stability, beauty, and history that only old reclaimed wood can provide.

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You can learn more about the US Green Building Council at www.usgbc.org.

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